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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What better way is there to begin a day in June than by walking around your garden smelling the roses and sensing the dew ... The roses are great this year, abundant and glorious. Once more I am thankful to the unknown women (and men?) who laid foundation to this never ceasing joy. When we bought our house back in 2000 I was not aware of this wealth - our unknown prepossessors had done a lot of work but right then it looked neglected and nothing much. But with only a little caring in our first year look how everything is flourishing! I have not added much, only the sweet peas that are my darlings besides the roses. But they - the roses - were there alright and just awaiting their wake up kiss! I felt great being the princess charming and bring all them Thorn Roses back to bloom.

Our house was built in 1876 and there must have been quite a few eager gardeners. Before we bought it the house was shared by four families and they had only a quarter of the garden each, but they seem to have dearly loved their little piece of land. I feel grateful - and sometimes a little guilty to reap the benefits of their work.

Back at my computer first thing I did was to type "Rose Scent" into GOOGLE, and here is what I got. This at least I can share with you!

A wonderful sensuous article by Harper Hilton, fellow rambler and self-declared fragrance addict, the Fragrance Editor at Face Online, who grew up in a garden full of roses. Thank you Harper! I think all true Rosewomen will enjoy and appreciate it. Here it is (shortened).

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