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Friday, June 26, 2009

June Month of the Roses

It's June again, month of the roses, and my birthday month. To celebrate here are three beautiful rose lenses that are all part of my SUMMER Group on Squidoo. Wonderful photos, great tips and advice! Visit them and enjoy.

Planting & Caring For Rose Bushes in Containers...
"Rose bushes can be planted in large containers with good success, and will do very well year after year. There are however a few basic rules to consider. Rule number one-It is up most important that the container be large enough to provide ample growing space for the rose bushes roots, also the rose bush must be provided good drainage. Rule number two-you need to plant the rose bush in good soil, and provide a location with good sun light, and ample air circulation." Sharon Stajda
Read more:

The Beauty of a Rose
"No other flower can deliver such a variety of sentiments! I recently found an interest in taking beautiful photos of roses and would like to share these with others who find roses as beautiful and interesting as I do! I will include wonderful photos, tips, and interesting information on several types of roses!" Shelley Kuhn
Read more:

Hip Old Roses for Sustainable Landscaping
"Old and Antique Roses are making a big come back as homeowners search for attractive, low maintenance, sustainable plants to add to their landscape. Many of the old varieties of roses have survived, unattended for years in cemeteries and on old homesteads all through the United States. These plants are being rediscovered and propagated by rose societies and also by Texas A&M University Agriculture System who has launched the "EarthKind" list of hardy, low maintenance, disease and insect resistant roses." Yvonne B.
Read more:

Visit all the great Summer Lenses in my beloved SUMMER Group and leave a comment in the guestbook!

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