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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

5. optional: Leave more comments

If you want - and it is highly recommended - leave also comments
- in the blogs that you "blogtipped". Just tell them ""I have springtipped you!" to let them know and maybe entice them to participate, too, and keep the ball rolling ... i
- in James Jordan's blog as it is by courtesy of James that we may use his spring gift for this blog party. Leaving a comment there will also heighten your chances to get visitors to your blog!
Points of Light

6. optional: Spread the word!

Also highly recommended! Tell your friends and co-bloggers about the "Think Spring" blog party! Talk about it in forums and networks! The more bloggers participate, the more new visitors will come visiting your blog.

Give a little first (explore other blogs and link to them) then receive a lot!

This party will continue till Mid-June, when hopefully James Jordan will provide us with a "Think Summer!" pic!

To sum up ...
- anyone may add the "Think Spring" pic to their blog (courtesy of James Jordan), i.e. also the "passive" participants (the "springtipped" ones).

- but only active participants who fulfill all requirements will be added to the "Think Spring" Blogroll!

- requirements being: spring related blog entry, commented links to 3 other blogs with spring related entries, "Think Spring" pic and code on your blog.

Let the Spring Party roll...

Get the ball rolling. Experience spring. Be inspired. Meet other bloggers. Enhance your blogging experience. And let your traffic grow ...


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