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Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy birthday Sean!

Today is the birthday of my Ryze friend Sean Peters.

He lives on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, which are between England and France.

He is a tennis coach and a qualified nutrionist and his passion is to help people improve their health.

One of the companies he represents is ULTRA LIFE, and I have chosen what might be their best product for you to explore and enjoy.

Visit Sean's Ryze page and say hello to him!

(Ryze is a business networking community where every member have their own website. So while you are there you can also visit mine:
I would be very pleased if you signed my guestbook!)

Amazing Life Supporting Functional Beverage

UltraLife International is very pleased to introduce the most amazing life supporting functional beverage on the market today. After much research on the very best antioxidant containing berries and fruits on planet earth, we have formulated the grand slam of juices. UltraLife Juice is comprised of a proprietary blend of extremely health beneficial ingredients as follows:

Acai Berry
Wild Blueberry
Goji Berry
Red Raspberry
Wild Blueberry
Blackberry Juice Concentrate
Plum Juice Concentrate
Black Raspberry Essence
Concord Grape Juice Concentrate
Black Currant Juice Concentrate
Lo Han Guo Dry Concentrate
and a blend of 72 Colloidal Minerals.

As you are well aware, it is impossible to consistently eat enough fruits, vegetables and berries in a day in order for you to achieve the proper amount of nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and immune system. Not to worry, the simple solution is to drink 2 ounces of UltraLife Juice every day, which will supply your system with the proper amount of antioxidants and mineral requirements.

Read more and Order

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