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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog Action Day - Harvest

Blog Action Day is now behind us. It was an overwhelming success, with more than 20.000 blogs participating! Since no one can read 20.000 posts, I have chosen some for you to read here. My aim is to make the whole action more sustainable, so I recycle these posts, in order to not waste these precious contributions that are well worth reading long after Blog Action Day!

Climate of Our Future A discussion on climate change USA
zephyr1 "decided to share an
assortment of past poems we featured here at Climate of Our Future". This is an amazing and touching decision for a blog that has a scientific and political focus! Enjoy the poems, one that I especially like is quoted below ...
Blog Action Day “In Honor of The Environment”

Green Talk USA
Green Talk is talking about Blog Action Day itself and the intentions behind it, the purpose of Bloggers Unite! She also shares 8 ideas about what everyone can do to make our planet healthier.
Blog Action Day–How Can You Help the Earth?

Ms. Adventures in Italy My Stomach and the World. Food, Recipes, Travel Italy
Ms. has posted on Eataly, a marketplace in Torino (Italy) that is committed to the principles of Slow Food: Food must taste good. A food must be ecologically sustainable. A food must be produced in a socially just way. Great photos!
Eataly, Turin’s Enogastronomic Marketplace and Blog Action Day

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Canada
Nina's issue is TRUTH: her post "is dedicated to the spirit of what Al Gore has been so courageously and tenaciously doing: presenting the “truth” on Climate Change and the health and future of our beloved planet Earth, and providing numerous key solutions that we can embrace." Enjoy her exquisite writing.
Blog Action Day--Truth

My favorite poem from the collection at Climate of Our Future:

A Riverscape
by Juliet Wilston

Spring’s magic water from underground

bright between stones

gurgles like children’s laughter

waterfalls down rockstumbling in woodland where

young lovers stroll

and kingfishers dart...

Read more

You might also want to look at my own contributions to Blog Action Day in my various blogs:

Photo by TrekEarth: A Soul Is Reborn, by Marie Louise Davies

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Today is Blog Action Day. This is my contribution.

Hot Green Style! Fall Eco-Fashion Trend Report

:: By Summer Rayne Oakes

It's getting easier every season to add eco-friendly pieces to your wardrobe and still look relevant style-wise — and no one knows it better than eco-style diva Summer Rayne Oakes. Arguably the most glamorous entomologist / environmental scientist on the planet, Oakes is an accomplished eco-fashion model whose academic training helps her get the word out about green fashion as a speaker, writer and green business consultant.
"There was no following of eco-fashion trends six years ago," Oakes points out. "Eco-conscious designers were just stabbing in the dark and creating their own path. They still aren’t afraid to experiment — but now the movement is more in tune with the pulse on the [traditional fashion] ground."
To help you update your fall wardrobe with style savvy and environmental aptitude, we asked Oakes for her take on this season's green fashion trend reports. Here's her top-five list of what to look for:

1. Organic cotton denim
Organic cotton jeans are big news this season. So many of my friends have purchased some form of organic denim for their wardrobes. [Editor’s note: You can get a pair custom-designed for your fabulously unique body at]
Organic cotton is the default eco-fabric of choice for eco fashion in general — along with silks and silk blends. Many designers are also using bamboo, though some I’ve spoken with are phasing it out until they can get a more reliable supply.
I’ve also seen a handful of great designers working with alpaca, a wonderful fiber for the fall/winter 2007–2008 season.

2. Sculptural feminine shapes
Fashion-forward eco-conscious brands are integrating some of the general fashion trends of the season.
Slouchy pants and swinging cuts are in favor as we head into the Fall/Winter 2007-2008 season. And sweaters are oversized but don’t look like your boyfriend’s cardigan — most have sculptural shapes that flatter a woman’s body.

3. Vintage & local finds
I’ve been playing the vintage card — old belts and bags at my local vintage and thrift shops are always excellent finds.
My hot vintage red dress with white ginkgo print is one piece in my fall wardrobe that I feel especially proud of from a responsibility standpoint. I bought it at a local vintage shop. Also, my army green high-waisted organic cotton skirt with cropped bubble-sleeve jacket by Bahar Shahpar, a local (southern California) eco-fashion designer. I bought the two-piece set at a local shop.
I like to support local designers and support the local economy. For one thing, it saves on carbon emissions.

4. Affordability
Cost is coming down because retailers with economy of scale are introducing eco fashion product lines. As independent designers grow, they’re able to introduce more affordable products to the market.

5. Next wave: Fair trade & socially responsible fashions
One of the most unacceptable things about “conventional” fashion is sweatshop conditions (though this doesn’t go for all “conventional” fashion). Ethical and social well-being for workers has not been a focal point for many designers this season — but I predict it has to be and will be, once the fervor for purely green issues wanes.
Small communities are being lifted out of poverty through fair trade all over the world — in Guatemala, Bangladesh, India, Peru. I’ve also seen, right here in California, farmers getting the same or better yields with sustainable farming techniques.
I went to film a show the other day with what I thought were going to be with a bunch of punk kids from all over the U.S. I suppose I was preparing myself for the worst — you know, apathy for what’s happening in the world.
It was the total opposite. Every single kid was so sweet, so receptive, and aware to a certain extent of what is going on [with fashion’s environmental and social impact]. They may not have had the tools or the means in terms of what to do about it, but the messaging is out there. Now we just have to drive it home.

Organic Consumers Association
Green with Glamour
Lilikoi Blue Jeans or Green?
Linda Loudermilk
Bahar Shahpar

(End of Article)

This is an article from GAIAM Community. is a health-conscious, environmentally responsible lifestyle company whose goal is to bring LOHAS to the mainstream. The Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) concept is centered on the idea that our own health and happiness is connected to the health of our planet. Taking a holistic approach to our content and product selection, we encourage wholesome lifestyle choices with healthy, green products for your home and body.

You can get all those eco fashion items there!

PS: Should you feel inclined to shop there I advice you to join My Power Mall first. is one of 1000+ stores in this mall. When you shop from there, you will get great rebates on your shopping.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Blog Action Day - October 15th !
The Enviroment

Have you registered??? 2 days to go! You can still participate - it's not too late! Join the 11,320 blogs that have already registered. Are you participating? Send me a message - I will post a link to your blog in one of my blogs! Blog Action Day is about MASS participation. That means we need you! Register here: http: / / blogactionday. org/ the_environment

Want to meet some participating women bloggers? To encourage you to join, also. See how special they are! Enjoy the diversity - I have certainly enjoyed visiting them!

Lifestyles of the Chic and Vegan USA
Author: vko
About me: I work in fashion & am fortunate enough to work for myself and dictate my own schedule...which means I make time to play with my cat, go to ashtanga yoga and give voice to my passion for ethical veganism & the environment. I aspire to inspire and be inspired.

hippy chick's adventure to sustainable happiness USA
Author: shellywoman
About me: life of a girl and a cat making efforts to live simple. growing veggies, fruit & flowers, saving rain from the sky & celebrating the wonder of the almighty pile de compost. she sharing a home with a talking cat companion. he serving as chief interior bug catcher and squirrelspeak translator. both hoping to soon add chickens to the family and chickenspeak to the list of spoken foreign tongues. in short it's about me and my dirty finger nails as i dig my way through the days.

The Turning Tide USA
Author: the wife
About me: The Wife (L'épouse) is an avid blogger trying to raise conservation awareness. She lives in Pennsylvania with the Husband, the Dog and the Cat.

This is what she said ... USA
Author: Janet
About me: In 2001 I decided to go on a drive, I packed up my little 1992 Honda Accord and drove.(I still have my little Honda has 240,000 miles on it and she is still going!) As you may know I got lost and ended up in Delaware.(Dela-where?) I currently live in Milford, also known as "The Dirt" or "Mil-Dirt" The locals, with there slower lower delaware accent, seem to pronounce it "Malfurt" So I live in "Malfurt", with my boyrfirend, Kevin, or Brownie as his friends call him. We (I say we, but really its his) have a "kid." He is a 130 pound St. Bernard Named Brutus, or Brutus the Barber Beefcake, as I like to call him. We enjoy taking Brutus to the beach. We have been trying to get him to swim in the ocean, but no luck so far. I can't wait to share my life with you all. Hope you enjoy!

Mermaid's Haven USA
Author: Candee
About me: 51 and loving life, my name is Candee ~ I design under the name CanDesigns. My blog is my haven, so I go off on life at times, but I always leave you a freebie for listening. :)

Livable Chicago USA
Author: Justyna Frank, Realtor
About me:
Realtor, Chicago, Keller Williams Lincoln Park
Born in Warsaw, Poland, fluent in Polish.
Graduated from the University of Chicago with an MA, pursued doctoral degree for several years, and subsequently decided against it.
Before becoming a Realtor, involved for many years in the cycling industry and advocacy as co-founder and co-owner of Rapid Transit Cycleshop, the original alternative bike shop in Chicago's Wicker Park.
Married with two children, Peter and Nadia, and husband Chris Stodder, and cats Phoebe and Freddy. Lives in a modest house whose lawn has been replaced with a free-form flower garden.
I live a double life of Realtor and bicycle retail store co-owner. Because I own the business together with my husband, I am able to focus my efforts on real estate. However, I do feel that my background in alternative transportation and interest in independent travel continues to feed my perspective as a real estate agent. I have sold all kinds of homes, including condos, lofts, single-family, new construction and income property. Yet I am drawn to homes with character situated in user-friendly neighborhoods: accessible, walkable, with street-level amenities and attractions. Since I am a fanatical walker, but hate to just wander aimlessly, the neighborhoods that appeal to me personally are the West Loop, Andersonville, Rogers Park, Hyde Park, and the town of Evanston. My own neighborhood, Sauganash, is becoming more like that, as more storefront businesses begin to crop up here and in nearby Edgebrook. My aim is to discover, showcase and create a livable Chicago.

Life by Candlelight USA
About me: 100+ Things About Me
1. I’m a Christian. I belong to a Lutheran church and I teach Sunday school. But, most of all, I am a Christian. Plain and simple. 2. I’m a liberal. I am a member of the Democratic party but I think I identify myself as a liberal. And even more than that, as an American. 3. I never thought I’d get married. But I actually found Prince Charming and got married at the ripe old age of 31. 4. I’m a joiner. I’ve always loved joining clubs and groups. I’m always looking for an opportunity to get involved and meet people. 5. I love volunteering and doing community service but it seems like I never have enough time to do everything that I’d like to do. 6. I am owned by one black and white cat named Toulouse. 7. I’m a Texan (fourth generation…not a fake Texan like the President) living in California. 8. I have taken up knitting and I love it. It’s a meditation and it makes me happy to make things for people. 9. I love giving gifts and shopping for people. It is one of my great joys. 10. I am a big reader. I love surrounding myself with books. I collect signed first editions and my books are always one of the first things I unpack when I move. Getting them in order gives me a sense of comfort. 11. I’m a movie buff. I will see just about anything. Within reason. 12. I’m a cookie monster. I can’t control myself around chocolate chip cookies. 13. I adore Baskin Robbins peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. 14. My comfort food is macaroni and cheese. 15. I’m a highly sensitive person. One might call me “high-strung.” 16. I read the definition of “Success” commonly attributed to Emerson almost every day and I feel frustrated that I’m not achieving it. 17. I don’t suffer fools gladly. 18. I am impatient and I have a temper. 19. I like freebies and goodie bags. 20. I enjoy reading fashion magazines and celebrity entertainment mags. 21. I love cookbooks although I don’t do much cooking. 22. I don’t like being touched by strangers unless it’s a hug. 23. I would have liked to go into musical theater but I lacked talent. 24. I like traditional church services. Give me the standard litany and old-fashioned hymns. Electric guitars and Starbucks coffee cups don’t belong in my idea of church. 25. I have a weird sense of humor and love to laugh.

I am what I am Kuwait
Author: .S.
About me: I am a 26 years old vegetarian (may seldom eat eggs!)and have a passion for discovering (only to know that they already existed!) it do with food, fun or even fashion! Q8 (Kuwait) seemed like a short stint in my ever wandering life, but it semes to get into my viens now, good or bad.. i leave it on time! So if u share the same spirit, join me in naratting your own episodes in all their uniqueness!

Daily Health Bits USA
Author: Cindy Burreson
About me: Cindy Burreson has been in the nutrition industry for over 12 years in the capacity of Salesperson for such companies as MET-Rx and Ironman Bar, a Personal Trainer, Manager of a Nutrition Store, National Fitness Competitor, Fitness Model and Writer for an online fitness publication. She is currently seeking certification as a Nutrition Specialist and is employed by Biosintos Nutraceuticals as an Account Executive and Ambassador of Charitable Alliances. Cindy's goal with her blog is to offer daily health tips to foster wellness in every aspect of your life. Cindy lives in the Palm Springs area with her husband, two cats and beloved bulldog Daisy.

Yum Yum Café Germany
Author: Lia
About me: If you were sitting at the next table to me in a café today, these are the stories that you would overhear. The music is loud. The cigarette smoke is awesome; you are in Germany after all. The coffee is excellent. And, since this is a blog, you don't even have to lip read.

Climate of Our Future USA
Author: Deborah
About me: Climate of Our Future is a blog meant to open a discussion of global climate change by providing articles, resources and opinions that provoke our readers to thought and action. We’ll attempt to describe how our world’s climate is changing, what’s causing it, and how we can correct it.
Although the discussion of climate change and its manmade causes can be controversial, we can all agree that it’s important to do everything we can to safeguard our environment and its natural resources. Toward that end we’ll also be providing links to information that will allow us to reinvent ourselves as a more sustainable society.
Deborah — Founder and author
I am very passionate about our environment. Growing up and spending most of my life in the Sierra Nevada Mountains has given me a deep respect for nature. I have seen many changes to the local climate over the years. There is smog now coming up from the valley poisoning the flora and fauna. This is why I started the blog, to raise awareness. Some say it’s too late to change anything now. I disagree, there is still so much we can do.

Are you in? Post a comment here with your link and I will visit your blog, maybe review your post!

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