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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

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Spring is in the air!

Want to get your blog read? Here is how!

Just do these 4 simple steps and enjoy more traffic and communicating with other bloggers.

Just 4 Easy Steps:
1. Write a spring related entry in your blog
2. Find 3 other spring related posts in 3 other blogs
3. Add the "Think Spring!" picture and code to your blog
4. Leave a comment with a link to your post at my rosewoman blog

1. Write a spring related entry in your blog

This may be about anything. Be creative! Write about nature, your garden, your love life, your kids, your dogs, your new clothes, your business, your new health activities, your new books, your new anything, your travels, about food, about Easter or Pesach, music, the weather ...! As long as it deals with "this time of the year" it's ok!

2. Find 3 other spring related posts in 3 other blogs

Where to find other spring entries
Browse other blogs to find other spring related entries. Start with the blogs you read anyway, those in your blogroll, or if you don't have one, try these places, there are literally millions of blogs there!
The largest Blog Exchange on the net
Great Bloggers' community with many features
71 million blogs ... !
Where the women bloggers are

... or try the blogs in the blogroll below.
But please do not get too incestuous, try to find at least ONE fresh entry that is not part of the party yet!

Once you have found 3 entries
Find spring related entries with at least 10 lines of text. Once you have found them, copy the first 5 lines or so of each enrtry into your blog and write a short comment.Close with a link to the blog where you found the entry: "Continue reading here ..."

See examples of how I did it here in my blog: rosewoman - Spring is in the air

3. Add the "Think Spring!" picture and code to your blog

"Think Spring" is a gift from James Jordan
Get your "Think Spring!" pic and the code here. You may add the large pic or the small one, add it to your entry or in your sidebar, just add it:
Points of Light
A blog by James Jordan

Mum Sidebar Photo

This is the original "Think Spring!" picture by James Jordan.
Click the pic

4. Leave a comment with a link to your post here!

Let me know you are participating and show me where to find your entry. Once I have verified your post I will add you to the "Think Spring!" Blogroll!

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5. optional: Leave more comments

If you want - and it is highly recommended - leave also comments
- in the blogs that you "blogtipped". Just tell them ""I have springtipped you!" to let them know and maybe entice them to participate, too, and keep the ball rolling ... i
- in James Jordan's blog as it is by courtesy of James that we may use his spring gift for this blog party. Leaving a comment there will also heighten your chances to get visitors to your blog!
Points of Light

6. optional: Spread the word!

Also highly recommended! Tell your friends and co-bloggers about the "Think Spring" blog party! Talk about it in forums and networks! The more bloggers participate, the more new visitors will come visiting your blog.

Give a little first (explore other blogs and link to them) then receive a lot!

This party will continue till Mid-June, when hopefully James Jordan will provide us with a "Think Summer!" pic!

To sum up ...
- anyone may add the "Think Spring" pic to their blog (courtesy of James Jordan), i.e. also the "passive" participants (the "springtipped" ones).

- but only active participants who fulfill all requirements will be added to the "Think Spring" Blogroll!

- requirements being: spring related blog entry, commented links to 3 other blogs with spring related entries, "Think Spring" pic and code on your blog.

Let the Spring Party roll...

Get the ball rolling. Experience spring. Be inspired. Meet other bloggers. Enhance your blogging experience. And let your traffic grow ...

The "Think Spring" BlogRoll

Okay, let's the BlogRolling begin!

James Jordan himself was the first to arrive!

These are the participating blogs. Visit them and see what springy themes they have written about, and what they found interesting in others' blogs!

Points of Light Illinois, US
Thought Renewal Kansas, US
Magical Rose Garden California, US

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