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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Body Image -

A Huge Problem For Small Self Esteem

Body image is a HUGE (excuse the pun) problem with women in the U.S. A recent Glamour Magazine survey found that 75% of women ages 18-35 believe they are fat. Even though only 60 percent actually are overweight, they have a skewed body image. The vast majority of women don’t see themselves as slender and attractive.

According to the 2000 census, the female population of the United States is over 140 million. This means over 84 million women in our country are overweight. Nearly 40 million women are medically obese. If thin women feel lousy about themselves, you know how large women feel. They have even more serious body image issues.

Researchers at Penn State who surveyed women about their sexual satisfaction found that the less attractive a woman felt, the less sexual desire and activity she experienced. Since women who are overweight are conditioned by society’s pervasive “thin is beautiful” message, the combination of these statistics suggest that, at the very least, 40 million women, and quite possibly, 84 million women aren’t having the kind of love life they want to have, and it’s because of their poor body image.

In Overcoming Fear of Fat, Laura S. Brown and Esther D. Rothblum suggest that the link in our society’s mindset of fat with being out-of-control and with laziness and ugliness creates in a woman an “energy-draining self-hatred.” It’s no wonder, then, that in a McCall’s Magazine phone poll, 40 percent of 350 participating women reported they were less interested in sex when they felt overweight.

In her article, “Factors in the Sexual Satisfaction of Obese Women in Relationships,” published in the January 15, 2002 issue of Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Wilka Woodward Areton includes this quote offered by an overweight woman: “…when I go up a few pounds, I can’t enjoy myself in bed. I’m afraid to let my belly out. I feel embarrassed to make any noise, and I’m less relaxed about being touched.” This woman undoubtedly speaks for millions of women when she says that she feels too heavy to be attractive. She goes on to confirm how her poor body image intrudes into intimate moments: “I know in my heart I should be thinner…. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in thinking about it that I can’t really enjoy Rob touching or even wanting me.”

The message that women must be thin in order to be attractive is what drives women to diet. Unfortunately, the dieting, even when successful, isn’t enough to change a woman’s body image enough to enjoy sexual satisfaction. In a study of 60 obese women who dieted “successfully,” 47 percent of the participants reported that they were disappointed because their weight loss didn’t satisfy them. They lost weight, and still felt awful about themselves. They still didn’t feel sexy.

If big women (and even so-called normal-sized women) are to enjoy their intimate relationships, they need to address their body image. Learning to accept yourself and enjoy the pleasure in your life is the key to changing the way you think about your body.

When you learn ways to please a lover and take proactive steps to leave old body perceptions behind, you can change your love life. A changed love life is a wonderful way to completely transform a bad body image.

A Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide To Great Sex

A Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide to Great Sex — The Caramel Sutra


It’s not difficult to find romantic advice. It’s not a challenge to find information about great sex either. But it IS difficult to find romantic advice and information on great sex that’s specifically for large women.

Authors Andrea Rains Waggener and Nancy Anne Eltrich saw this void in the lovemaking literature arena and decided to put their expertise to use. They decided to write an e-book specifically for fat women.

A Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide To Great Sex—The Caramel Sutra is a 171-page e-book written especially for big women. It’s a how-to guide that helps fat women not only accept their large size but put it to use in the bedroom, and beyond.

Written with a heavy dose of humor and just the right touch of raunchiness (enough to be fun but not enough to make most women uncomfortable), A Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide is an easy read. It’s also a fun read.

Andrea and Nancy, who readily admit to being fat and also admit to having issues about that, readily share what they’ve learned about having great sex. (Both Andrea and Nancy are happily married and enjoy wonderful lovemaking with their husbands. Andrea’s marriage is relatively new. She’s been divorced previously. Nancy, however, has been with her husband for 28 years. She knows what it takes to keep the fires burning in a long marriage.) The combined knowledge of these two women is impressive and inspiring for any woman who doesn’t have the sexual relationship she wants.

If you want to get a look at the kind of information they have to share, sign up for their free 5-lesson course, The Big Beautiful Irresistible Lover Course and their Weekly Tantalizing Tips—Lovemaking Sexsteps for Having The Ultimate Lovemaking Experiences. They’re worth giving up your e-mail address for.

A Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide covers these juicy topics:

--How to put aside old hurts and rejection so they don’t stop you from enjoying great lovemaking.

--Letting go of the past: why judgment and criticism must be barred from the bedroom and how to do it.

--Flirting: easy ways to enjoy all day foreplay.

--Encouragement: how to give it to your man in bed.

--Play: the reason play is essential to great lovemaking and how to turn your intimate life into a sexual playground.

--Aphrodisiacs: how simple foods can enhance your love life.

--Water: why it’s a big woman’s best friend and why it’s so good for your intimate relationship and how to use it to your best advantage.

--Dancing: the ways a big woman can use it set the mood for great sex.

--Adventure: why it’s so important to big women in the bedroom

--Hands: the best way to use your hands during lovemaking.

--Oral pleasures: the secret to using your mouth in a way that will drive a man wild

--Sexual positions: which ones are the best for big women

--Going beyond the bedroom: how you can rev up your sex life by taking your intimate fun out of the “boudoir.’

Each chapter includes an entertaining and informative combination of Andrea and Nancy’s personal experience and hands-on suggestions for how to use the ideas they share. In case you’re still not motivated to action, the end of each chapter includes Sexsteps—specific actions you can take to put into practice the concepts in the chapter.

The e-book has only two minor drawbacks. One, occasionally, it sometimes strays into territory that may seem old or clichéd. Some of the ideas in the book are kind of trite or overused. Two, sometimes the advice in the book is too general, not as geared toward big women as it could be.

At $29.97, the e-book and its bonuses is a great deal. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. The e-book has an open-ended guarantee so you don’t take any risk.

All in all, I highly recommend A Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide to any big woman who wants to rev up her sex life or simply feel better about herself.

A Big Beautiful Woman’s Guide to Great Sex

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